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  Our eQcolorama software, especially for designers and artists . . .
  A new way of finding colors and building palettes.
  Based on an 'extended' spectrum, mixing 'out-of-sequence' colors.
  Multiple input, test and save options.

  Download freeware standalone app 21mb. Unzip to any or a new folder.    See full size screenshots
How it workson opening
picking colors
grabbing a palette
testing on images
painting inspiration
saved palettes
saved colors
Opening screen -

Pick a color -

Pick a palette -

Testing -

Inspiration -

Your palettes -

Your colors -

 Version 1 - we'd love to hear your thoughts - do get in touch

 We'd like to thank our eQcolorama beta testers . . . .

Also available from  Your Freeware Download Source!

eQdigital is a full service multimedia production company; we use our expertise in creative design to develop and deploy television broadcast, video and graphic solutions.
eQdigital is the trading arm of Equinland Limited, registered in England, number 1751529
VAT registration no. 390596616