eQit click to downloadclick to DOWNLOAD (freeware), unzip and run setup.exe
eQit also comes with eQed, a full word processor.
Here's a list of eQits flexible workings -

eQit at it's most minimal
eQit use this button to change size.....
so eQit shows the diary and the notepad
and again, so eQit shows the diary and the extended notepad (and more buttons)
again, and eQit shows the diary, notepad and contacts database
eQit using the buttons at the top, this one lists all your appointments.....
...from first to last.
You can navigate through your appointments with the extra buttons across the top, and save and print them.
eQit ...this finds your contacts...
...either by first or last name.
Contacts can be entered in 6 colums in any way you like, but the default is
first name, last name, work phone, fax, home phone and mobile

clicking the ring symbol changes the form to edit mode, to enter your contacts address and email.

double clicking over the contacts database
also brings up this dataform
eQit with this, you can open eQit notes,
eQit save them,
eQit print them
eQitand open extra ones.....
eQit basically a word processor for whenever you need to make a note you can open, format, save and print from extra notepads
eQit this button is always for docking, like this.....
eQit the extra notepad has shifted out of the way of the main notepad
eQit this opens the windows file explorer to find files
eQit you can launch programs...
eQit which you can setup to run your 5 favourite programs and start your address book, the calculator, the character map, wordpad, your computer, internet explorer, outlook express and the media player
eQit and there's help built in....
eQit there are hints everywhere, so you can turn them off
eQit this makes eQit stay on top
eQit eQit can autostart when you turn your computer on
eQiteQiteQiteQit your choice of fonts, colours, backgrounds
eQiteQit and these clear the notepad and reset to defaults.

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  eQiteQit is freeware and copyright of Equinland Limited trading as eQdigital.
this link is to the 3mb download, support, suggestions to eqit@eqdigital.co.uk